The French Advance
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The French Advance

Category: Plastic Chess Pieces
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Product Code: GWC3

We have introduced a series of new model chess sets as per the dimensions of the championship set FIDE introduced for Annual World Championships. They are given a better look by improving the profiles. A major alteration is the higher heights of pieces from Bishop to Pawn giving a better and smooth gradient instead of two layer gradients in normal Staunton sets. Hence it is called Staunton Refresh Design.

₹ 1164

  • Material: Plastic & Lead
  • Colour: Wood shade / Black
  • Weight: 1100 Gm
  • Dimensions: King Height - 96mm, King Base - 38mm, Pawn Height - 56mm, Pawn Base - 28mm
  • Number of Pieces: 32 pieces with 2 extra queens